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Natalie Rosin was born in Sydney, Australia. She works as a ceramicist and graduate architect, having completed a Masters in Architecture from the University of New South Wales. Her practice involves the intersection of these disciplines through architectural ceramic sculpture among other inquiries. During her tertiary education in Australia and USA, she formally studied ceramics, sculpture and installation art.

Natalie has been included in exhibitions at The Australian Design Centre, BrandX, Chinaclay, District01, Damien Minton Gallery, Dickerson Gallery, Gallery Klei, The Incinerator Gallery, M.Contemporary, The National Trust, Small Spaces, Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre and Federation Square in Melbourne.

In 2016 Natalie was awarded an Australian Council Development Grant for an artist residency program in Europe at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. For more information about Natalie‚Äôs practice and other media coverage, visit her website at www.natalie-rosin.com.

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